Media Corps

Do you create projects using images, audio, data or video?

Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff who are creating multimedia work can get face-to-face support from the Media Corps coaches — a team of undergrads who can help you learn how to capture, edit, and produce digital media.

Thinking of assigning a Remix project in your class?

Send your students to the library! Our Media Corps coaches are familiar with all Remix projects, and may help with and available for drop in help. They may also book an appointment. Coaches can assist them everything from ideation to the ins-and-outs of specific software packages. For our full range of services, see below.

Media Corps Services

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What We Do

Consult with the Media Corps coaches when you need help with specific Remix projects, or to learn more about capturing, editing, or producing media in general. They can help you learn how to:

  • Use planning techniques, such as storyboarding, shot lists, and mood boards
  • Borrow a camera, recorder, or tripod
  • Capture media with your smartphone or a device you borrowed
  • Apply good practices for design, composition, lighting, or recording
  • Use desktop software, such as Audacity, Photoshop, or Premiere
  • Use online tools, such as Piktochart, Spark, Pixton, or Canva
  • Find remixable images, music, or video
  • Post media online with SoundCloud, Flickr, or Youtube
  • Do many more media production activities ...

Hours & Location

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Library 256

Fall 2023 Hours

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