Grow your understanding of new media!

Do more with multimedia to enrich communication

Media Corps

Media Corps coaches provide face-to-face consultation to Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff in planning, creating, and troubleshooting a range of media, including all Remix projects.


Images are central to human communication and have become a defining aspect of most digital media. Learn the fundamentals of using images to convey meaning efficiently and effectively.


Audio continues to be an important way that people receive information and learn. Learn the fundamentals of using audio to convey information with emotional resonance and rhetorical power.


With the rise of the Web, video has increasingly become a central way that we communicate with others. Learn to use video to combine images, audio and effects to entertain, educate and inspire.


Multimedia literacy requires knowing how to assess and produce media that interacts with data. Data-driven texts produce meaning dynamically in real time, helping users make better decisions.

Teaching Media

In both their personal and professional lives, students require multimedia literacies. Learn how to best help students develop these literacies, reading and composing across multiple media.

Writing for Web

Writing well for the Web involves assessing users' needs, especially understanding the difference between how users read print-based materials and how they read on the multimedia, hypertextual Web.