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Audio Interview

Create an audio recording and edit it into a production that tells a coherent, compelling story, either personal or newsy.


Audio Narrative Essay

Create and share to the cloud an academic essay which is purposely designed to be heard as a voice recording rather than read.


Book Trailer

Record and share an audio track using verbal exposition, soundtrack and effects to tell the story of a novel with only sound.


Digital Story

Create and share a 3-5 minute video combining still images, video, and sound, which tells an important story from your life.

Spark Video

Elevator Pitch

Write and video-record a brief ‘pitch’, persuading someone to agree to a funding request, hiring opportunity, or other proposal.

Multimedia Studio

How-to Video

Create and share to the cloud an explainer video which provides instructions to a non-expert on how to perform some process.


Ignite Presentation

Create and perform a strictly-paced, slide-based lightning talk in which the slides advance automatically every fifteen seconds.



Translate research into a persuasive visual format, simplifying complex information using pictures, diagrams, flowcharts, etc.


Interactive Timeline

Create and share an interactive digital timeline representing the most important moments of a significant historical event.


Mood Board

Gather examples of thematically similar images, colors, text, patterns, or any objects evoking a particular design style or palette.


Photo Essay

Create and share a series of photographs carefully juxtaposed to explore a theme, tell a story, or evoke an emotional response.

Spark Page

Network Analysis

Studying the structure of a complex system, analyzing the relationships and interactions between its individual components or nodes.

Spark Page


Record and share online an episode of a podcast, combining verbal exposition, soundtrack and effects to create compelling journalism.


Radio PSA

Create and share to the cloud a brief PSA—an audio message in the public interest, aired to raise awareness or change attitudes.


Research Poster

Create and share a poster which uses text, tables, graphs, illustrations and other visuals to communicate research findings.

Powerpoint Excel

Television Commercial

Record to video and share to the cloud either a serious or parodic television advertisement for a commercial service or product.


Video Essay

Video record and share to the cloud a poetic or subjective essay told in part through images, video, music and sound effects.


‘Where I'm From’ Poem

Write an autobiographical list poem and record it, adding a soundtrack and any special effects. Upload to the cloud to share.