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‘Where I'm From’ Poem

Write an autobiographical list poem and record it, adding a soundtrack and any special effects. Upload the recording to the cloud to share.


How-to Video

Create and share to the cloud an explainer video which provides instructions to a non-expert on how to perform some process.



Translate research into a persuasive visual format, simplifying complex information using pictures, diagrams, flowcharts, and more.


Audio Interview

Create an audio recording and edit it into a production that tells a coherent, compelling story—either uniquely personal or newsy.


Elevator Pitch

Write and video-record a brief ‘pitch’, persuading someone to agree to a funding request, hiring opportunity, or other proposal.

One Button Studio

Ignite Presentation

Create and perform a strictly-paced, slide-based lightning talk in which the slides advance automatically every fifteen seconds.


Interactive Timeline

Create an interactive digital timeline which represents the most important moments of a particularly significant historical event.


Radio PSA

Create and share to the cloud a brief PSA—a brief audio message in the public interest, aired to raise awareness or change attitudes.


Television Commercial

Record to video and share to the cloud either a serious or parodic television advertisement for a commercial service or product.


Photo Essay

Create and share to the cloud a series of photographs carefully juxtaposed to explore a theme, tell a story, or evoke an emotional response.

Spark Page

Book Trailer

Record and share to the cloud an audio track which uses verbal exposition, soundtrack and sound effects to tell the story of a novel with only sound.


Digital Story

Create and upload to the cloud a 3-5 minute video combining still images, video, and sound, which tells a story from your life.

Spark Video

Research Poster

Create and share a poster which uses text, table, graphs, illustrations and other visuals to communicate your research findings.

Powerpoint Excel

Audio Narrative Essay

Write, record, and share to the cloud an academic essay which is purposely designed to be heard as a voice recording rather than read.


Video Essay

Video record and share to the cloud a poetic or subjective essay told in part through images, video, music and sound effects.


Mood Board

Gather examples of thematically similar images, colors, text, patterns—any objects which evoke a particular design style or palette.


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